Lily Bou

Lily Bou

"We hope your daughters get raped."

That’s what a member of the Stanford National Lawyers Guild shouted at federal Judge Kyle Duncan when he visited their campus.

Lily Bou is on the board of directors of this fascist, hateful organization.

The Stanford Lawyers Guild is responsible for orchestrating the disruption of Judge Kyle Duncan’s appearance on campus. They did so by shouting “scumbag” and “you’re a liar,” among other insults, until school administrators had to intervene.

The school has issued an apology to Duncan. But Bou doubled down, co-signing an email praising the group’s effort to suppress conservative speech.

“This protest represented Stanford Law School at its best: as a place of care for vulnerable people, and a place to challenge oppression and bigotry in all their forms, including on the federal bench,” the email said.

That’s right. They believe that shouting about the rape of young women represents the “best” of Stanford University.

Lily Bou and Stanford Lawyers Guild board members have demonstrated that their push for “diversity” does not include diversity of thought and that “inclusion” does not include those who disagree with them.

As of March 27th, student disruptors including Lily Bou have not been disciplined by the university.